The École’s Library has a collection of more than 11,000 French- and English-language books, including picture books, novels, non-fiction writings, biographies, magazines, and comics.

Every class at The École, from Maternelle to Middle School, has a dedicated time slot at the library once a week, during which students can participate in story time, search the shelves, or enjoy a quiet moment to read, depending on their age and skill level. Each student has a personal account which allows him or her to check out books for a period of 7-14 days.

Occasionally, teachers will bring the library’s resources directly into the classroom, with literacy-based educational activities that support specific coursework.

The Library, with assistance from volunteers from our staff and family community, also hosts an annual Book Fair, giving students and parents an opportunity to peruse and purchase new titles in children’s and young adult literature. Proceeds from the event go to the Library fund, supporting growth in the collection that will be available to The École’s future students.


  • In Pre-Nursery, Nursery, Pre-K, and Kindergarten, our students begin to discover books as cultural objects. They listen to stories and analyze the pictures, both overall composition, and specific details.
  • During Library time they are exposed to the whole of children’s literature, both fiction and non-fiction, in order to encourage their interest in reading, develop their imagination, and reinforce their budding language skills.
  • Maternelle students can borrow 2 books at a time, one in French and one in English, to take home and read on their own or with family members.

Elementary and Middle School

  • Spending time at the library encourages our older students to regularly explore a wide range of literary works and discover new favorites—from both contemporary children’s literature and the classics—both independently and as part of small groups.
  • Novels, biographies, and histories from across the globe introduce them to different perspectives and cultures while building their research skills.
  • Students in 1st through 8th grade can select up to 3 items at a time, in French and in English.

Access the online catalog

The École’s Library is accessible online via e-sidoc, the online Library Catalog. The e-sidoc site provides the students and the teaching staff with an online information and research platform. The e-sidoc search engine offers a single, standardized, intuitive access to multiple digital resources—online news, dictionaries, image banks, etc.—all at the same time.

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