In the classroom

At The École, we believe that the best teaching practice balances the use of traditional methods with new technologies.

Paper media continues to be a priority in daily instruction, and learning how to handwrite in both the French cursive and the American print is as important a goal in the Maternelle and Elementary years as learning to type correctly is in later years.

As appropriate, and in moderation, our teaching staff integrates a wide variety of digital tools-personal computers and tablets, large format display screens, video projectors, and interactive boards, and high-definition printers and scanners-to support specific in-class activities, such as:

  • Searching for terms and translations using digital dictionaries or consulting websites of national museums
  • Sharing work on Google.doc and other cloud-based applications
  • Creating and presenting reports
  • Developing digital blogs and writing newsletters
  • Digital correspondence with classes at other schools

When bringing these technologies into the classroom, teachers emphasize the importance of responsible technology use. Access to applications and websites is safe and controlled, and each student signs an Ethics and Charter of Usage. Our goal, ultimately, is to ensure our students are comfortable in the use of tools they’ll use every day in high-school, college, and the workplace, but are not solely focused on them during these foundational learning years.

After school

To provide students with further opportunities to understand and interact with the latest technologies, The École offers a wide range of Science & Technology activities through our After School program. These range from our engineering-focused STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and Robotics programs to our digital media-focused Radio club.