December 1, 2021

In order to address our students’ needs and ensure every student’s social and emotional health is supported, the counseling department of The École will implement an initiative beginning Wednesday, December 1. Our counselors, Stéphanie Antoine and Marie Welch, will have a one-on-one conversation/check-in with every new child in 1st through 8th Grade. During this conversation, they  will utilize a screening tool that will help them learn how each child is adjusting to the school, how they are coping with stress, how connected he or she feels at school, and how supported they feel by their family, teachers, and friends. For children in Maternelle–who are too young to participate in this conversation–they will employ a more holistic approach through observation and frequent discussions with the teachers, who have great insight into your child’s emotional state.

They will begin this mental and emotional wellness screening with our new students, beginning with Middle School and then working our way down through the grades. We expect this initiative to last several weeks.