Latest News!

The École now has a free downtown bus service for Kindergarten through 6th Grade students. There is a possibility to expand the service uptown next year if there is enough interest from families.

Testimonial from a current parent who is taking advantage of the bus service:

Our son was nervous to take the school bus for the first time and, to be honest, we were nervous too. Happily, we’ve all discovered it’s a great experience! The bus driver is friendly and reliable. The school administration is very supportive, letting us know when the bus arrives in the morning and when it leaves in the afternoon. The participating parents have started a WhatsApp group, so we know in real-time where the bus is and can plan for any delays, etc. And the best part of all…our son now loves riding the bus!

The École’s Neighborhood

The École’s two buildings are located within a few blocks of New York City’s historic Flatiron building. The District that carries its name is a vibrant neighborhood, a mix of quiet residential streets and lively commercial avenues, featuring exceptional architectural examples that reach from pre-war classics to today’s most cutting-edge designs. Along with beautifully-kept parks and public spaces, the environment around The École has attracted a cosmopolitan community that perfectly reflects the ethos of our school and provides wonderful opportunities for our students—and their families—to experience the best of urban life.

Fifth Avenue Building

206 Fifth Avenue, Nursery to 1st Grade

Our five-story Fifth Avenue building, overlooking Broadway to the west and Madison Square Park to the east, houses eight light-filled classrooms for our younger students. Common multi-purpose rooms shared by each grade, plus a full-floor space that serves as gym, auditorium, and cafeteria, and an outdoor playground and garden on the roof provide ample opportunity to both stretch and study.

Main Building

111 East 22nd Street, Grades 2 through 8

Our four-story Main building, located on a quiet, tree-lined residential block around the corner from Gramercy Park, houses eight classrooms for our older students, with dedicated spaces for each grade and subject. The library, our student counselor’s office, a large multi-purpose room that serves as a gym, auditorium, and cafeteria, and our administrative offices fill the remaining spaces, resulting in an always lively and supportive academic environment.

Madison Square Park

East 23rd to East 26th, between Madison and Fifth Avenues

This nearly seven-acre park, designed in the formal European tradition, and recently revitalized as a public green space, is rich in history as much as horticulture. In fact, the torch-bearing arm of the Statue of Liberty was displayed in the park between 1876 and 1882 as part of the effort to raise funds for its full construction. Today, our students use the park as both a playground and an outdoor art gallery.

Peter’s Field and Augustus St. Gaudens Playground

344 2nd Avenue

When weather permits, our students spend their after-lunch recesses at the field and playground located just a few minutes walk from The École’s Main Building.

Baruch College

135 East 22nd Street

The École partners with Baruch College so our students can benefit from state-of-the-art sports facilities and equipment, all year long, as part of their physical education classes.