To see every subject from two angles. To shape every skill from two mindsets. These are the gifts we strive to instill every day in our bilingual Elementary program, in these critical years when students build the foundation for future learning.

Our Elementary curriculum provides the structure to bring out the student in every child, bringing together the content-rich system of the French Ministry of National Education with the inquiry-based approach of the U.S. Common Core, in both group and individualized learning opportunities. Native-speaking teachers guide each class through Humanities, Math, and Science in both English and French, adding in the study of Mandarin or Spanish in 3rd grade. Personalized programs then take advantage of our high teacher-to-student ratio, allowing students to dig deeper into areas they find challenging, or expand further in those where they display aptitude and interest.

Agile minds

Learning to make leaps

The Elementary school years are a critical time in a student’s development when they acquire the mindset and toolkit of the lifelong learner. Immersed not just in two languages, but in two educational systems, students at The École have the unique opportunity to learn two ways to approach every problem—strengthening both higher-order critical thinking and creative expression, exploring both friendly competition and group collaboration, and giving their growing learning muscles both twice the exercise and twice the opportunity to understand.

Open hearts

Celebrating differences that make a difference

Surrounded by classmates of wide-ranging nationality, but connected through their two shared languages—and the beginnings of a third—our Elementary students build friendships with people whose experiences are different from their own. From these personal connections, they begin to recognize differences are what makes their relationships more interesting and rewarding—and why respect and caring for others is so important in their community and out in the world. Service clubs and programs then give our students opportunities to build— and be acknowledged for—a strong sense of character.

Bright futures

Creating confident students

Every aspect of our Elementary program—from the content we cover to the character we celebrate—is designed to build our students’ capacity for and independence in learning. As they move through the years, both American and French standardized tests provide opportunities for staff and parents to honor achievements relative to a larger body of students, focus activities around personal growth areas, and map long-term educational plans. So that each student feels well-positioned for success in the next stage of bilingual learning at The École’s Middle School, or at other schools here in New York, or across the world.

Suggested Summer Reading

The suggested Elementary Summer Reading Lists for 2023-2024 can be found here.


Questions about our Elementary curriculum?

Mireille Desalm, Director of Admissions

If you’re interested in learning more about our foundational curriculum for Elementary students, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re very proud of our program and would love to answer any questions you may have or discuss in more detail how your child can benefit from a bilingual education at The École.

Mireille Desalm, Director of Admissions