Like the six color variations of our school logo, The École uniforms have been selected to be a bit brighter and allow a bit more variation than found at most institutions. Several styles of khaki pants, dresses, skirts, and shorts can be combined with polo shirts in red, yellow, or teal and grey sweatshirts or red fleeces for casual days or with white button downs and red sweaters or navy blazers for more formal wear. All tops feature an embroidered version of our “Conversation Mark” symbol, while the sweatpants reserved for PE days have a sporty, oversized version of our full logo down the leg.

Our uniforms are available through French Toast Schoolbox, a retailer selected for its ability to provide affordable, quality pieces in a wide range of styles and colors.

Embracing a gender-neutral approach

To promote the ideals of diversity and create an inclusive and respectful environment, The École’s student uniform policies are gender neutral. Students can choose any item of any cut from the formal, casual, and physical education dress code. Our approach reflects the values of our community and the current trends in education in New York and around the world.

Exclusives from The École

To make our uniforms a little extra-special—and entirely our own—The École has produced ties, scarfs, pocket squares, and headbands that feature our “Conversation Pattern”. A design made up of our logo in its six approved colors, it’s a joyful addition to all our casual-day and formal-wear outfits.