Our faculty, staff, parents, and board members bind our international community together, providing The École’s students with a tangible model of collaboration, commitment, and caring. And we do it all without forgetting the importance of having a bit of fun.

More than 36 different nationalities are represented at The École, yet our community finds commonality in deeply-held values. A belief in the benefits of bilingualism. A particular interest in the French and American cultures. A desire to ensure our children become not just great students, but good people. And perhaps most importantly of all, a recognition that we’re all better off when we work with each other, support each other, and have fun with each other. From the long-term strategies we shape, to the classroom experiences we create, to the social events we sponsor, our faculty, staff, parents, and board members put our shared values to work for our school and our students, every day.

Social Events

Highlights from our recent social events and service initiatives

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"Light Through Language" Gala

Celebrating the present. Building for the future.