The Parents Association is an independent organization that supports our children’s educational experience and promotes communication between parents, faculty, and administration, with the goal to strengthen the school community.

The PA, through the efforts of its volunteers, seeks to enhance the educational experience of our children by:

  • Providing a structure that organizes volunteers, helps with communication, organizes community events, sponsors speaker series and establishes means to integrate new families.
  • In concert with the administration, contributing to the PA Section of the Family Handbook and special guides for new parents, especially expatriate parents.
  • Exploring other networks and actions to improve everyday parent communication and build parent community.

All parents are members of the Parents Association and are encouraged to participate in its many activities, such as:

Class Representatives
A team of two parent volunteers represents each class in the school. With the help of the PA Board, these parents help to organize activities, facilitate classroom communication and assist their teachers and fellow parents as needed. Two Class Representatives are selected per “homeroom”.

The PA Board
Comprised of a president and three vice-presidents—one representing each of the Maternelle, Elementary and Middle school levels. A treasurer and a secretary will also be appointed. Class Representatives elect a new PA Board every school year during the Second Semester.

The Board engages on several fronts:

  • Conducting monthly meetings with the school to address areas of concern
  • Issuing a bi-monthly newsletter updating parents regarding activities across all levels of the school (Maternelle, Elementary & Middle School)
  • Ensuring the successful execution of PA activities and commitments

Committees are assigned to specific activities and/or mandates— ranging from Welcome Committee, Spirit Week Committee, Community Service Projects Committee, Teacher Appreciation Committee, Special Events Committee, etc.—and will serve as task forces to develop projects and activities.

PA Meetings
Held monthly, all parents are welcome to attend. Meetings provide an opportunity for parents to learn about the current school and PA affairs and ways to help improve student life at The École.

Please contact the Parents Association if you need assistance, want to volunteer, have questions/concerns or ideas you would like to propose. We need active, engaged parents to contribute to our school community, and enhancing our children’s student life.

Upcoming PA meetings

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