At The École, we take a whole-child approach to ensure that all of our students’ social, emotional, and academic needs are being met.

Our Student Support Department is composed of the Educational Support Team and the Counseling Department. Our team of professionals and experts is here to provide a variety of direct and indirect services to tailor an individual approach to each student.

A multicultural team of experts working together for the well-being of all our students


Educational Support Team

The Educational Support Team (EST) consists of our French Psychologist, School Counselor, Special Education Teacher, and Administrators. Working collaboratively, the team meets weekly to discuss students who may need extra support regarding academics or social skills in the classroom. We devise appropriate interventions when students may be struggling and track their progress. In this way, we take special care to ensure that none of our students “fall through the cracks”. In certain cases, when families—in consultation with the EST—decide that a formal evaluation for special education services is warranted, the EST will support the family through the entire evaluation process, which is conducted under the auspices of the NYC Department of Education (DOE).


Counseling Department

The Counseling department consists of our School Counselor and our French Psychologist. The team provides French or English counseling for individual students or groups. Our international team is multiculturally competent to respond to the needs of our diverse community.

The team offers three kinds of counseling based upon the needs of the child:

  • Crisis Counseling: an intensive, very short intervention based upon an acute event that has placed a child in a state of extreme distress.
  • Short-term, solutions-focused counseling: which aims to provide the appropriate support required so that the child may return to the classroom feeling supported, at peace, restored, and ready to learn. 
  • Longer-term counseling: whose objective is to create consistency in the support they provide, as needed and at the pace of the child in question so that they can develop the tools to confront the issues they are facing. Should any learning or social/emotional challenge arise that is beyond the scope of the school, the team can make referrals to outside providers.

Our Student Support Department in Action

The Student Support Department’s door is always open, and they are a visible presence in all grades, from Pre-Nursery through 8th Grade. A crucial role that they play is in providing the space, support, and guidance to enable our students to resolve conflicts in a healthy, productive and respectful manner. To this end, our team of dedicated professionals is always creating new initiatives in response to the needs of our students, such as group work for students on topics like divorce.

Guidance Lessons

The counseling team conducts monthly in-class guidance lessons for Nursery through 5th Grade, in French and in English. Themes of these lessons include friendship, bullying, diversity, feelings and kindness.

Lunch Bunch

Another part of our  Student Support offering is something we call “Lunch Bunch”. These are opportunities for small groups of students to practice social skills, cement peer relationships and learn about empathy and kindness through counselor-led games and activities during their lunch period.

Counselor Chats

The Counseling team provides support and resource referrals to teachers and parents. Monthly parent presentations called Counselor Chats cover a variety of topics (e.g., concerns about screen use and separation anxiety). These chats are informative and serve the underlying goal of supporting the whole child. 

Workshops & Resources

For staff and teachers, the Student Support Department presents professional development workshops on topics like mandated child-abuse reporting and the rudiments of special education, among others. Additionally, the counseling team is a clearinghouse of information and resources regarding behavioral issues.