To see the world through two lenses, to make connections across two contexts, and to imagine new possibilities shaped by two points of view are the gifts we strive to instill every day through our bilingual Middle School program, as our students take on a wider role in their educational experience and take greater pride in their capabilities.

Our Middle School curriculum is designed to encourage students to stretch their advancing skills and reach their full academic potential as they acquire the competencies of both the French national curriculum and our unique American curriculum. Every foundational subject—humanities, math, and science—is taught in both French and English by native-speaking specialists, helping students meet the pedagogical expectations of each academic system, while art, STEAM, theater, sport, and music continue to be taught by either French or American faculty members. Students continue to study Spanish or Mandarin through 8th Grade. 

Agile minds

Putting perspective to work

During their Middle School years, our students begin to recognize and apply the benefits of their bilingual experience personally. Immersed over their years at The École in two languages and two learning systems, they know there is always another way to look at and solve a problem, no matter the subject. Empowered with multiple approaches and tools, they develop the confidence to select those that work best for them in their day-to-day schoolwork and that help them embrace and adapt to new cultural experiences, both in the classroom and in the world.

Open hearts

Giving kindness a voice

Surrounded by classmates of wide-ranging nationalities, yet connected through their two shared languages—and an increased capability in a third—our Middle School students demonstrate and champion respect for people and points of view from places other than their own. Supplemented by involvement in the student council, clubs, the House system, and other initiatives, they nurture in themselves, each other, and their communities the traits of a truly caring society.

Preparing for a bigger world

In the final years of The École, our staff works beyond the classroom with students—and their parents—as they increasingly focus on high school planning in New York or abroad, helping them connect with the schools of their choice and navigate testing and application processes. Their continued strong performance beyond our school walls is a great source of pride, and the stories of our growing alumni community are proof that our bilingual program prepares students to both personally flourish in and positively contribute to the world around them, wherever their path takes them next.

Required & Suggested Summer Reading

The required and suggested summer reading for 2024-2025 for Middle School can be found here.

Questions about our Middle School curriculum?

Mireille Desalm, Director of Admissions

If you’re interested in learning more about our rigorous curriculum for Middle School students, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We’re very proud of our program and would love to answer any questions you may have or discuss in more detail how your child can benefit from a bilingual education at The École.

Mireille Desalm, Director of Admissions