To sign up for our school lunch program:

At The École, we know developing brains and bodies need well-balanced, healthy meals to grow. Our hot lunch program is designed not only to support the basic nutritional needs of our students but, like our bilingual learning program, to introduce healthy eating habits that offer lifetime benefits. With our service partner, daily menus, and lunchroom environment, we help to foster a general respect for food, an openness to trying new tastes, and an understanding of good nutrition that will serve our students well beyond our walls.

Our school lunch provider is LiTTLE GREEN GOURMETS

LiTTLE GREEN GOURMETS ​was founded by chef and mom ​Isabel Gunther,​ ​who developed a passion for food and cooking from her own mother, a ​Cordon Bleu-trained chef​, Francophile and food anthropologist. Growing up in a small agrarian town in upstate New York, Isabel was raised in a farm-to-table household before the term existed. This food-centric upbringing inspired Isabel to value healthy food produced from local ingredients.

In 2012, she founded the mission-based company LiTTLE GREEN GOURMETS to bring fresh, local food to children and help them learn to enjoy good food while developing a lifetime of healthy eating habits. Her son, twelve-year-old Kai, regularly lends a hand taste-testing the food for kid-friendliness.Monthly Menus reflect seasonal availability, variety, new inspirations, and, of course, fan favorites. Recipes incorporate an abundance of fresh vegetables (whether you see them or not!), fresh herbs, and organic spices. Isabel believes that food for children (and adults!) should not only be nutritious but also delicious to encourage a love for healthy food. Isabel carefully selects only the freshest local and organic ingredients, knowing that good food starts with good ingredients. Understanding that all ingredients have a ‘story,’ Isabel believes that we should know our ingredients’ origins, as well as who is raising or producing them. Read more about how ordering lunches with Little Green Gourmets works here. For more information about Little Green Gourmets’ suppliers, read here.

Special-request Meals
In addition to its classic menu LiTTLE GREEN GOURMETS also offers substitute meals detailed below to account for any food allergies. If parents want to select one of these options, they must inform LiTTLE GREEN GOURMETS when registering for the hot lunch.

  • Vegetarian
  • Beef Free
  • Vegan
  • Kosher-style
  • Gluten (not prepared with gluten)*
  • Egg (not prepared with egg)*
  • Dairy (not prepared with dairy)*
  • Sesame Free*

Unlisted dietary considerations will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis upon emailing LiTTLE GREEN GOURMETS at ​​.

*​Meals are produced in a kitchen facility that processes egg, dairy, gluten, fish, corn and soy. We cannot guarantee that LGG’s facility is free of your child’s allergen(s) and meals are NOT appropriate for children with severe or anaphylactic allergies. However, LGG does not use or process tree nuts, peanuts, sesame, pork or shellfish.

Menu: Lunch Menu

Brought from home

If you don’t wish to participate in our school lunch program, your child must bring their own lunch. We encourage you to pack meals that will support The École’s healthy eating message—and that your child likes, as uneaten food will be returned in their lunch box or bag. Please remember that sodas and drinks containing sugars or caffeinated beverages are strictly prohibited on The École campus, as are candies and gum. Packed lunches must also abide by our Nut-Free School policy, so they cannot include any food made with any nut products.
Glass bottles or containers should not be used.  Plastic bags or containers should be used to separate foods and Thermos bottles are allowed for soups and drinks.

For more information about The École lunch program email our lunch team.