At The École, we know developing brains and bodies need well-balanced, healthy meals to grow. However, our hot lunch program is designed not only to support the basic nutritional needs of our students but like our bilingual learning program, it introduces healthy eating habits that offer lifetime benefits. With our service partner, daily menus, and lunchroom environment we help to foster a general respect for food, an openness to trying new tastes, and an understanding of good nutrition that will serve our students well beyond our walls.

From local farms to The École lunchroom

Our school lunch provider is Red Rabbit.
Red Rabbit’s mission is to provide all children with access to nutritious, made-from-scratch meals in school while encouraging them to explore, learn, and grow healthy relationships with food that will last a lifetime. Red Rabbit is an innovative NYC-based company at the center of today’s food revolution. As a mission-based company, they partner with programs dedicated to bringing healthy and delicious meals to their children. Every day, their chefs develop menus and craft delicious food from their kitchen in New York City.

Local, Organic Meals
Red Rabbit brings the freshness and traceability of a farmers market to our lunchroom. The menu features food that is responsible, transparent, and seasonal—all while introducing new foods and flavors to our students. They partner with local farms that use sustainable growing methods because building relationships with their producers allows them to understand where their food comes from and how it’s grown. Buying food that is in season guarantees optimal freshness while reducing their carbon footprint, making it good for our taste buds and the environment. They follow clear practices when it comes to choosing their food providers and preparing meals:

  • Use whole wheat flour in all bread and bakery items made by Red Rabbit
  • Design menus to incorporate a variety of whole grains
  • Work with dairy farmers that do not treat cows with rBST or rBGH hormones
  • Purchase whole, fresh fruit, never frozen or canned
  • Use lean cuts of meat, cut locally in New York City
  • Partner with fisheries to procure wild caught fish
  • Source vegetables that are always fresh, seasonal, and local when available

Download the menu for this week

Special-request Meals
In addition to Red Rabbit classic local, organic menu we also offer substitute meals to account for any food allergies. If parents want to select one of these options, they must email the school lunch program to ensure these orders are accounted for in the week’s order.

  • Vegetarian: Meatless meals made to please kids’ taste buds
  • Egg/Dairy-free: All the flavor but without the egg & dairy
  • Soy/Gluten/Tomato: Soy-, Tofu-, Gluten-, & Tomato-free meals

To review these special menus, parents can visit the Red Rabbit website (password: allergy2016)

Brought from home

If you don’t wish to participate in our hot lunch program, your child must bring their own lunch. We encourage you to pack meals that will support The École’s healthy eating message—and that your child likes, as uneaten food will be returned in their lunch box or bag. Please remember that sodas and drinks containing sugars or caffeinated beverages are strictly prohibited on The École campus, as are candies and gum. Packed lunches must also abide by our Nut-Free School policy, so they cannot include any food made with any nut products.
Glass bottles or containers should not be used.  Plastic bags or containers should be used to separate foods and Thermos bottles are allowed for soups and drinks. Microwaves are available for students to heat up meals.

For more information about The École lunch program email our lunch team.