June 17, 2022

In connection with their last theme of the year and World Oceans Day, Pre-K West is organizing a fundraiser this Friday, June 17 to benefit the New York Marine Rescue Center, an organization that rescues and rehabilitates marine animals in NY State. The children made 185 ocean-themed art pieces in the hope of raising a lot of money for the animals! You can see a photo of their artworks here and a photo of them looking very proud of their work here!

If you can, please come to their charity sale outside the Maternelle Building (206 Fifth Avenue) this Friday, June 17, from 8:10-8:45 a.m. or from 3-3:40 p.m. Donate $5 (or more) for the NYMRC in exchange for an art piece of your choice! You will be able to pay in cash (if possible, bring exact change) or via Zelle/Venmo on Friday. More types of artwork will be available in person than online.

If you cannot come to the Maternelle Building on Friday, you can donate money and order artwork online through the school’s Zelle or Venmo (you can choose between 4 types of artwork). Instructions here.