Last week, 13 of our 7th and 8th Grade students travelled to Dallas, Texas along with teachers Franck Le Martelot and Rémy Souchon to take part in the 12th annual Multilingual Theater Festival at Dallas International School.

This was the 4th year in a row that our school has participated in the festival, which lasted four days, from Wednesday, May 8th to Saturday, May 11th. Altogether, there were seven schools (from all over the US) and a total of 120 students who came together to work on their acting skills.

Students participated in various workshops, from stage combat to make-up to puppetry. Our students took center stage on Friday afternoon with a performance of their play ‘Les Touristes’, which they created entirely themselves. It was a performance to bring down the house! The festival came to a close with the Award Ceremony, during which our students each received a medal, a diploma, and The École won a trophy. Congrats to all of our young actors on a job well done and an unforgettable experience!