The 7th and 8th graders, with their teachers Gayle Hampton, Megan Flynn, and Franck Le Martelot, meet a new professional who speak about his/her job and career during school hours every two weeks.

This topic of World of Work 4th Edition is “Identity & Values”: What is the purpose of work? Are we what we do? Who decides the “real value” of a job? Do most people “work for a living” or “live to work”?…


The Middle schoolers had the unique opportunity to meet Anne-Claire Legendre, who took her position of Consul General of France in New York in August, 2016.  As Consul General, Ms. Legendre is in charge of promoting the influence and appeal of France and serves a community of 80,000 French citizens.

She offered a enthralling presentation where she explained her past experience at the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and her actions in Middle East, especially in Libya and Syria.

Anne-Claire Legendre also detailed how the French Consulate develops partnerships with international institutions and local organizations to promote France in the US, connecting culture, arts, economy and new technologies.

She also evoked the values which guide her work everyday : adventure/risk-taking, challenge and competence to treat each file with the most effectiveness.

Thank you to Anne-Claire Legendre for this wonderful meeting which enabled our students to better understand the friendship between France and the United States!

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World_of_work_2018_ anne-claire_legendre(2)

Parents are welcome to participate in the project! If you are interested in introducing our students to your profession, please contact Franck Le Martelot.