Staff and parents become the students as they prepare for the DELF exam at The École

This year, and for the first time, The École has offered a test prep class for the Adult session of the DELF/DALF exam, giving parents and staff the opportunity to prepare for and take the exam this year. The DELF and DALF (in English: French Language Studies Diploma and Advanced French Language Diploma) are certifications issued by the French government and recognized in 184 countries around the world. They are specifically for people who have studied or learned French as a foreign language. In our increasingly globalized world, where speaking more than one language is becoming more of a requirement and less of an optional asset, these diplomas, certifying one’s French skills, definitely offer an advantage to those who hold it.

The DELF classes are being led by Middle School teacher Franck Le Martelot, who is the French Language Coordinator at The École. He is authorized as a DELF Examiner-Scorer. Last year, after The École obtained approval to be a DELF Prim and Junior Examination Centre, Franck coordinated the DELF exam for 18 students in 4th through 8th Grade (who all passed with flying colors)!

A new way for parents and staff to bond

The adult students who have attended the DELF classes once a week on Wednesday evenings are a mix of staff and parents. In addition to the valuable instruction that they receive, the classes also offer a unique social opportunity, allowing attendees to bond in a new way, as classmates. This helps to strengthen the ties between school staff and parents.

Test time!

The exam takes place at FIAF (French Institute Alliance Française), which is the only approved test center for the adult DELF exam in New York. Some of the adult students from The École put their knowledge to the test as they took the exam there this past week. Others will be taking the test during the next sitting, in June. We wish them all the best of the luck!