An Article by French by Charlotte French Education Versus American Education

 January 24, 2018|French by Charlotte

Positivism Versus Academic
If I had to depict my vision of the French Education system versus the American system, I would do it by showing an American kid and a French kid by a swimming pool.
Because this image is very telling about the way we relate to our children.
At 3 years old, when our cuties arrive with their armbands and don’t dare to jump, little Americans are already propelled head first into the water by one of their parents.
“Be careful” versus “You can do it”.
Here, they encourage and push kids to participate in activities very young.
And they are positive!
Positivity makes children more self assured, and less afraid to try and make mistakes.
We never hear an American parent tell their child “No, that’s not it”, but rather “Try again, you can do it”. Even the choice of the words is positive.
Take a leap, take risks and everything will fall into place later.
Whereas French people tend to hold back, to rehearse, to take the armbands off later.
We are more academic than spontaneous. …

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