The 7th and 8th graders, with their teachers Gayle Hampton, Megan Flynn, and Franck Le Martelot, meet a new professional who speak about his/her job and career during school hours every two weeks.

This topic of World of Work 4th Edition is “Identity & Values”: What is the purpose of work? Are we what we do? Who decides the “real value” of a job? Do most people “work for a living” or “live to work”?…


The Middle schoolers had the opportunity to meet John Bennett, Press Director of “Alouette Communications” and President of the “Paris American Club”.

He shared his lifelong interest in French and France and extensive experience, detailing step-by-step how he built a diverse career in communication, media, and cultural interests.

From New York to Paris, Canada to Puerto Rico, he explained how essential it is to develop an important network; remain flexible and open-minded to change and new developments; as well as stay true to ourselves.

Thank you very much, John Bennett, for your participation!

If you would want to learn more about the Paris American Club, click here:

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Parents are welcome to participate in the project! If you are interested in introducing our students to your profession, please contact Franck Le Martelot.