Two EINY students, Jane O’Toole, and Oscar Masson traveled from Paris to Deauville, France, to attend the 5-day annual conference organized by the Mission Laïque Française and its network of 123 French international schools. The students were the special guests selected by the association to represent the network of our 24 schools located in the U.S. They interacted with students coming from 8 other international schools and they collaborated through different web radio activities and projects.

They were very excited and busy with their Web Radio project during which they interviewed many specials guests, VIPs and representatives of the French Ministry of Education as well as local government guests such as Mayor of the City of Deauville, Recteurs des académies (Caen, Paris, Normandie, Poitiers, Reims), senators, school administrators, journalists, education consultants, philosophers, artists, and many more.

They returned fully inspired and happy after participating in this unique conference where they interacted with other students from various French International Schools.