The École is very excited to offer a program for two-year-olds for the 2021-2022 school year! After a very thorough application process, the Department of Health has granted The École the permit that will allow us to open a Pre-Nursery program in September 2021. The Pre-Nursery (or Pre-N) class will be fully integrated into our bilingual program and will now constitute the very first year of Maternelle. The Pre-N will welcome children who will be two years old by the end of December 2021. They will now be able to benefit from The École’s unique bilingual curriculum.

Our current Maternelle teachers have been working hard on all of the aspects of this new program. They are creating the Pre-N curriculum, so that The École’s whole learning experience is adapted for children of this young age.  Additionally, the teachers have taken into account the specific needs of parents of two-year-olds. This attention should ensure a smooth transition (for both students and parents). It will also help to establish a continuous interaction between home and school.

In keeping with our desire to remain human-sized, the Pre-Nursery class will welcome a maximum of 12 students. Two teachers—one native English speaker and one native French speaker—will teach and supervise the class.

This is exciting news for our current families whose siblings can now join The École’s Pre-Nursery class in September. Furthermore, it is a great opportunity for new families to join our growing community. We are confident this will be a great addition to The École’s offering. It will give even more children the opportunity to benefit—at the youngest age—from our unique bilingual program!