Community Service is an important part of the EINY community. Participation in community service enables each of us to make a difference in our school, society and world. It gives our students a chance to apply what they have learned in the classroom to real human needs. Through participation in community service activities, students become well-rounded global citizens, thus better positioning them to potential high schools, colleges and eventually, employers.

Our first project was the Ronald McDonald House’s Parents Pantry Food Drive. To kick-off the food drive, Terry Bovin, a representative from the Ronald McDonald House gave an interactive presentation to the Middle School students on Friday, October 7th about the Ronald McDonald House and the Parents Pantry Food Drive. The Middle School students sensitized then students in Elementary grades to get involved.

EINY collected non-perishable foods and other day life necessities from November 5th to November 30th. On December 10th, the representatives from the Ronald McDonald House came to pick up the generous contributions given by EINY parents and students.

This was our 4th year of participating.