A Common Goal

Today, I would like to devote this letter to the different ways that families can connect with their school. This connection, need I remind you, is essential because we share a common goal: seeing our students thrive and succeed. This shared objective should push us to work together, to make sure we’re on the same page and to mutually support each other.

From where I sit as Head of School, I know very well that the biggest frustrations grow out of these cracks, these spaces (often tiny) that students can slip into, between what they hear at school and what they hear at home. When I meet new, potential families, one thing I endeavor to do is to make sure that we share a common core of values, goals and hopes. And that this foundation that we have in common is strong enough to leave no room for misunderstandings of which the students ultimately bear the brunt.

Report Cards, the PA and more!

One way that we can connect is through the report cards that Elementary and Maternelle parents will be able to read tonight (in Focus). There, you will be able to see the professional and watchful eye that the teachers have on your child, on their work and on their progress. The report card is an important document that the teachers carefully prepare. In it you can easily see their expertise. It also gives each family the opportunity to have a dialogue with their child, to congratulate them and to encourage them.

Happily, the report card is not the only way that parents connect with the school. Indeed, the school must make do what it can to make it possible to go beyond that. For example, at The École, that is one of the goals of this weekly letter. The Back Onsite Committee is another concrete example of the way we can succeed when we work together.

That is why, today, I would like to highlight the PA’s involvement. During this rather unique year, the PA, with a partially revamped team, has been able to find ways to act on behalf of the students. In particular, the PA has helped by purchasing books, creating activities for students during the winter break and by spearheading uniform swaps. Many more great things are to come, including the show planned for Monday to celebrate Lunar New Year. Another future project is the silent (and virtual) auction to raise money for next year. A huge thank you to these ladies—there aren’t many dads involved in the PA—for their work.

World of Work – Another Way to Connect

Another example of how a school can collaborate with its parents for the good of the students is World of Work (WoW). This unique project is led by Franck Le Martelot and Gayle Hampton. WoW allows students to meet with working professionals and learn about their jobs. It is worth noting that Monday morning will be the next WoW conference. It should be a very interesting one as the guest will be Dr. Jérôme Premmereur. Dr. Premmereur is very involved in the research that led to the creation of the Covid-19 vaccine.

The guests for the two following meetings are already confirmed: a UN interpreter and an explorer of the edges of the universe. In all of these cases, the guests are either school parents, or it was a school parent who suggested a guest from amongst their acquaintances, which is the case of this Monday’s meeting. You can find more information about the upcoming conferences here.

One thing is certain, at The École—surely unlike anywhere else—we are committed to making this school a place where each of us—parent, teacher, administrator, assistant—plays a role in helping the students succeed.