Earlier in November, The École participated in the second annual FriendshipWeek! FriendshipWeek was founded in 2019 by 3rd Grader, Pragna, who lives in Massachusetts. The goal of FriendshipWeek is to make the world a friendly and more inviting place. We do this by celebrating friendship, building strong leaders and teaching care and empathy. These days, this is certainly something that we all need!

Our school counselors, Stéphanie and Jane, came up with a wonderful way of involving our students in celebrating this special week. They interviewed students (and one special non-student guest!), on camera, asking them the question: “What does friendship mean to you?” As you can see in the below video, the answers are varied and full of warmth. It was an occasion to honor those we call best friends and to celebrate empathy, love, care, diversity and inclusion, which is what forges friendships.

Thank you to Stéphanie and Jane for the lovely and uplifting idea and to our social media consultant, Vitor, for his technical work on the video. Lastly, huge thanks to our students for their openness and thoughtfulness on the wonderful topic of friendship! You can watch the video here.