The World of Work is back for its tenth season at The École in 2023-2024! We are delighted to be welcoming a variety of industry experts to meet our 8th Grade students in their classroom—either virtually or in person—and share their professional experience, values, background, and knowledge with them.


The World of Work (WoW) program allows our students to explore and research different careers and to learn about them firsthand from practicing professionals.

Not every child has the same interests, and not every child will have the same path to high school, college, and a career. Our aim is for our students to gain exposure to as diverse a portfolio of professions as possible and to meet experts with a vast array of different skill sets so that our students can learn just how varied the work of work is.


In the initial exploration phase, our 8th graders investigate and learn about a profession: the skills and qualifications required, the training necessary, the job description, the typical workload, etc. During the subsequent Meet-A-Pro phase, the students interview a career professional from the field they have researched, asking them about their background, strengths, interests, values, education, and experience.

The WoW initiative is designed to prepare each child for their potential future by encouraging them to foster their interests, talents, and curiosity and to believe in themselves and their own abilities. It also gives our students the tools they need to establish objectives for future learning, set career goals, engage with the world around them, and aspire to careers they may not have even heard of. The World of Work helps each student understand that their unique strengths, interests, and values are needed in the world.


We are looking for industry experts to meet our 8th Grade students during the 2023-2024 school year. If you are interested in participating—in French or English—please contact

Previous WoW Meet-A-Pro participants include: