Over the years, Laurence and I have intentionally remained discreet about our private lives and my professional career. One reason is that I have worked for 27 years (more than half my life) as a partner at Renaissance Technologies, a hedge fund that is more than discreet—it is completely opaque and mysterious when viewed from the outside. Renaissance is, however, legendary in the world of finance for its outstanding performance over the decades.

I recently decided to end my career in finance in order to spend more time with my children—Matteo, who is in 9th grade at Léman, and Alessandra, who is in 12th grade at Avenues and preparing to leave for university—and, of course, with Laurence, but also at The École, a project dear to our hearts that we would never have been in a position to undertake were it not for the exceptional success of the fund and the philanthropic example of its founder, Jim Simons, who has been a great inspiration to us throughout.

Since we took over in 2017 with 160 students and, followed by the arrival of Jean-Yves and Andria in 2020, The École has taken on a whole new dimension. Proof of its success: the school will be full in September 2024—with approximately 350 students and 85 staff members. As a result, Jean-Yves and I have been working on the creation of a new CEO position to meet the needs of our growing community and allow Jean-Yves to dedicate his time entirely to managing and developing teaching and learning at The École.

You have probably guessed it by now—I have chosen to take on the CEO role at The École. Starting on March 22, I will be devoting my time and expertise to the school and accompanying the team during the next phase of its development. It is a means for me to double down on my commitment to The École—Laurence and my status as the school’s benefactors will remain unchanged. I’m looking forward to spending more time with the students and staff and to enjoying the dynamism they have created, by being more available for families and the whole community, all the while collaborating closely with Jean-Yves—we already talk about the school for hours without ever tiring of the subject!

It will be a full-time job (with some flexibility in terms of my schedule!), for which I will not earn a salary. I cannot wait to work at the school in a more formal and structured position and, in my new role, to continue to support, with all my enthusiasm and passion, the beautiful school that Laurence and I have dedicated so much time to for so many years. I’m looking forward to seeing you in the corridors, in the classrooms, at the front door, or for a coffee (or a glass of wine) and to finally being able to talk to you at length without having to run off because I’m juggling so many schedules.