Outline: by Adrien, Eve, Jane, Leo, Yann, Cora et Melissa.
Press review: by Adrien, Leo, Eve, Olivia, Jane and Yann. Jingle: blue circles par unreal-dm et Chants traditionnels syriens – chorale 1’09
Interview: Yves Rivaud, Head of school» by 6th grade students (George et Frederick) 6’46 Music: Listen in on some cycle 2 and cycle 3 choir rehearsals for the Winter Show 11’20
In the Hallway: My favorite back to school » by Eve and Adrien 14’50.
Musical extracts: happy childrens de ANtarcticbreeze
Interviews: Cara and Lucas, new teachers at Einy » by 6th grade students (Lucille, Olivia et Yann )17’13
Special Report: “8th graders’ mission statement” by Olivia and Lucille 19’47
Interviews: Colin, Rachel and Theo, Middle School teachers » by 6th grade students (Lucille, Lucca, Aline, Alban, Olivia et Yann) 22’19
Special reports: Students from Montpellier visited Einy» by Leo, Adrien et Eve 27’05
Go back in Time: “Interview, Enlightenment Philosophers” By 8th grade students 31’50.
Music: Antonio Vivaldi, Mandolin Concerto, Premier Mouvement et Haendel, Eternal source of light divine
Games: Mystery Person » By Editorial Team 37’35
Book Review: I am Malala” by Olivia, Lucille, Melissa et Pedro 38’58
Student Voices: “The Right to go to School” a discussion by 6th grade students 41’08
Music: devilsdreamworld by steven r arntson, I am A Sir by frau, Pitt ocha au pays des sept collines by Les ogres de barback –
Music: “Hello, hello” a song by Lulu 47’47

Editorial Team: Olivia, Yann, Jane, Leo, Adrien and Eve
Many thanks to the K East Classroom and Julien Budrino for their wonderful Jingle.
Einy’s jingle by Rudolf Vernaz-Colas