2nd grade/CE1 has finished working on a project with other French/International schools around the world.  The project is based on the book Flat Stanley (written in English) or Clément Aplati (written in French).  The book is about a little boy who wakes up one day flat, like a piece of paper.  Since he is flat, he can travel anywhere in the world in an envelope. All of the schools participating in the project read this book and became pen pals.

The students wrote introduction letters and researched information about their school and the city that they live in to send to their pen pals. The students at EINY specifically researched animals that live in New York, the food that we eat in New York, the tallest skyscrapers in New York City and drew maps of our school and Manhattan.  The students used their research to write reports, create graphs and make posters to present their research to the other schools.  Finally, the students sent their letters and reports to their pen pals this week.

We already received a few letters back from the participating schools. You can discover the 2nd-grade final work in the 2nd-floor hallway.