The École’s first ever Writing Contest comes to a close

The École’s first ever Concours d’écriture (Writing Contest) was a great success! Despite the transition to The École Online in mid-March due to the situation with Covid-19, over 60 students participated in the contest, which was open to students in 3rd through 8th Grade. The jury, composed of writer Marc Levy, 1st Grade teacher Nadia Lamarti and The École parent, Greg Morel, had their work cut out for them with so many quality entries to read and evaluate.

As would be expected, the themes of the entries were varied. Some students found their inspiration in the current lockdown situation, while others drew from their life experiences. Whatever the theme, the most important aspect of the contest was that it encouraged students to write. In the end, there were so many great entries that the jury selected multiple winners in every level!

Due to the lockdown, it was unfortunately not possible to have an in-person awards ceremony, although one is planned for the Fall, provided we are able to be back on campus. In the meantime, on Thursday, June 11th, parents, teachers and students were invited to a virtual ceremony on Zoom, during which project coordinator Franck Le Martelot, along with the jury, announced the winners.

Drumroll, please!

Here are all of the winning entries and their young authors:

3rd/4th Grade Group | Catégorie CE2/CM1

1st Prize (One winner)

  • Les Deux Aventurières” by Aniela, 3rd Grade | CE2

2nd Prize (Two winners)

  • Le Secret de la lumière” by Louise, 3rd Grade | CE2
  • Le Vieux Chêne” by Ella, 3rd Grade | CE2

4th/5th Grade Group | Catégorie CM2-6ème

1st Prize (Two winners)

  • Dans la forêt à la pleine lune” by Eugénie, 6th Grade | 6ème
  • Un nouveau monde” by Bahia, 6th Grade | 6ème

2nd Prize (Three winners)

  • Le Rêve” by Catarina, 6th Grade | 6ème
  • À la campagne” by Evie, 6th Grade | CM2
  • La Vie a des hauts et des bas” by Thomas, 6th Grade | 6ème

7th/8th Grade Group | Catégorie 5ème-4ème

1st Prize (One winner)

  • Abondance des Silvers” by Kalista, 7th Grade | 5ème

2nd Prize (Two winners)

  • Terreur en altitude” by Alexandre, 7th Grade | 5ème
  • Le Pistolet de verre” by Sadbh, 7th Grade | 5ème

We would like to congratulate not only the winners but all of the students who participated in the contest. The first edition of the Concours was such a success that the plan for next year is to have a bilingual contest, where students can submit entries in either French or English! Until then, we hope they’ll keep writing!