The 5th grade had the joy of discovering in mid-March that they won the J’AIME LIRE USA Contest, commemorating 40 years of the magazine J’AIME LIRE!

Our 5th graders’ futuristic novel was selected out of submissions from 16 different states. The jury was composed of Marc Levy (author), Pauline Lévêque (author-illustrator), Karl Cogard (Education Attaché at the French Embassy), Sandrine Butteau (director of the Albertine bookshop), Agnès Lechat (Editorial Director of J’AIME LIRE at Bayard), Lionel Fontaine (Bayard – Export), and Catherine Lamy (Bayard USA). They congratulated

Madame Beaujon on her students’ creativity and excellent command of the French language. Our 5th graders received several gifts from Bayard, including pens and certificates, in recognition of their literary talent.

This creative writing project brought the class together, and illustrates the exemplary quality of teaching here at EINY.