There’s a distinctive flavor to the last days of school. We are excited and sad, exhausted and full of energy, liberated and anxious all at once. It’s a bit like when we pack our suitcases before leaving for vacation—we can already picture ourselves reclining under palm trees but we can’t shake the feeling that we have forgotten something.

On this last day, I am extremely grateful to the teachers who are finishing their third school year perturbed by COVID. I find myself wondering where they find the strength.

On this last day, I am very, very proud of my students—of everything they have learned and achieved. You can see the results in their final report cards—accessible on Focus for the big kids and via Je Valide for the little ones. A special thought goes to our graduates—it was such a pleasure to partake in their happiness, which is a perpetual source of inspiration.

On this last day, I want to spare a thought for those who are not finishing up today whether they are working in the Summer Camp from Monday or working in the wings, in the offices. You’ll get a break soon!

On this last day, I would like, on behalf of the entire The École team, to thank all of our families for their ongoing support. Personally, I would like to thank you for the trust you place in me, which allows me to run the school in the best possible conditions.

On this last day, I would like to reassure those who are leaving, families and colleagues alike, that you will always be a part of The École family. I wish you all the very best for your next adventures.

On this last day, I would finally like to wish everyone a wonderful summer surrounded by those you love.

And I’ll see those of you who are staying in September for what looks like a promising year already!