Last night, we celebrated the imminent end of this school year between colleagues. The staff party was the crowning moment in a particularly joyful week that saw our talented students take center stage once again. It was also an opportunity for The École team 2021-2022 team to get together one last time. The 2022-2023 version will look pretty different in September; several colleagues are leaving us for new adventures and challenges elsewhere. I am certain they will be dearly missed by colleagues, students, and families. I’ve gone through similar moments several times in my career and I know how difficult it can be on a personal and professional level to make the decision to leave. But I also know how exciting it is to head for new horizons and to embrace all the possibilities that starting afresh brings.

The same goes for The École. Philippe and Laurence taking over EINY five years ago, the school’s name and identity change, and my arrival in August 2020 are all steps along the way to constructing a new project and new vision for our school. Every week, I try in these letters to define the outlines of that project and share the vision with you. And although I am invariably saddened when colleagues leave, I can’t help but also see it as an opportunity to reinvigorate the dynamics of The École.

Last week, I talked to you about some of the things I believe in; here’s another to add to the list: I believe that the most important, most meaningful, and most impactful thing I do as a head of school is recruit new teachers. I take great pride in the work we have done all year—and the work we continue to do—to ensure that we are putting the best possible teachers in front of our students. I talk to candidates about you during interviews in order to convince them to join The École. I talk to them about what you represent to me and about what I witness day-in-day-out: your thoughtfulness, your smiles, your encouragement, your support, your ambition, and your strength. Our new recruits choose us just as much as we choose them. They want to be a part of our project. They see an opportunity to thrive and evolve as teachers at The École. They know that we expect a lot from them and that their predecessors have left large shoes to fill. I know they are impatient to get started, meet their students, and become part of our community.

You’re going to love The École team 2022-2023. Our new teachers have excellent track records and plenty of experience gleaned from all over the world. What unites us is that we share the same vision of education and of our role as educators. I know that right now, in another part of the world, families, colleagues, and students are sad to see them go. We are lucky that they are coming to join us and that, for a while, they will be all ours; our students will reap the benefit.

But before then, I would like to wish all of those who are leaving us the greatest possible success and happiness in their new adventures. And to all of those who are staying, I’d like to say that the best is yet to come. The École is already a wonderful, unique school thanks in part to the work of those who are moving on. But I am willing to bet that you ain’t seen nothing yet!

You will find the list of those who are leaving and those who are joining us here. I will update it regularly at the same link as we are currently finalizing contracts for some positions.