For a full decade, The École was a second home to our family. Each of our three children – as different as they are, was nurtured, challenged, given opportunities to lead, listen, flourish, and begin to discover who they might be in the future. They found their unique passions and motivations to develop individual strengths, confidences, and voices. We are more than proud of who they have become through the guidance of The École.

Given that we are a family of varying backgrounds, we continuously reinforce the ideas of patience, perspective, inclusion, responsibility, and communication. The decision to start our children’s’ education in a bilingual French school was not only to give them the gains of language and culture, but further to honor the richness of diversity by which we are surrounded. Immediately welcomed into the school, we quickly realized the warmth of community and breadth of care for every student. With its intimate setting, teachers are able to identify and adapt classrooms to independent accelerations and needs while still maintaining a robust and unified curriculum. Faculty and staff are enthusiastically collaborative and receptive to ideas to enhance the student experience. They radiate with dedication to ensure each child’s education ushers them to uncover a love of learning.

The bilingual program at The École has been unmatched in giving our children the best of two curricula. Immersively examining subjects through two lenses has in particular strengthened their critical thinking abilities. Ten years in an international community have allowed our children to embrace and learn from peers and families of different backgrounds, home structures, and histories. Sharing friendships with classmates that might speak languages at differing levels has encouraged them to develop an ability to listen, to understand multiple aspects, and to take various initiatives and roles.

The École has not only prepared our children to be global citizens, but also to face their greatest challenges with courage and determination. Today our children count themselves as explorers, artists, athletes, scientists, musicians, writers, and thriving academic students. We cannot wait to see what else the future holds. The journey has been remarkable, and The École has truly been a beacon for our family. Our time there has been unparalleled – it will forever be the place that inspired our children to reach for the stars.